Transforming Your Processes with Audit and Inspection Software

The Role of Software in Transforming Your Audits & Inspections

In recent years, data generation and collection has become increasingly common, facilitated by the use of advanced software to efficiently digitise, store, and analyse it.

Companies are adopting software to create a faster, more reliable, and more refined process to carry out robust data collection and analysis. These new technologies not only allow them increased control over the information and data they collect but also enable them to analyse data in many new ways.

In light of this, there is a compelling case for the integration of new technologies into the process of conducting audits and inspections. Many companies are investing in reliable and high-quality software to gain useful business insights that managers can leverage to make more informed decisions.

Data collection software like Mobiess Insight, our industry leading mobile forms solution, can significantly enhance the entire inspection and auditing process. In this article we take a look at some of the many benefits of using Mobiess Insight to streamline your data collection.

Customise Your Forms and Templates

Every company operates differently; even those in the same industry won’t have identical processes. Using generalised software, businesses are limited in the types of data they can collect, reducing its overall usability.

With Insight, users can create custom question templates with unlimited complexity and structured levels using our drag and drop survey designer. Templates can be built for almost any type of form, providing an alternative to paper or manual methods. The software allows users to add drop-down picklists, checklists, multiple choice questions, and almost any data entry type, allowing them to collect all the right information on site.

Collect Accurate Data

No matter their industry, companies rely on accurate data to make important decisions. The use of a robust and efficient auditing system is crucial in ensuring that accurate data is collected.

When pen and paper is used, the data collected can often be forgotten, difficult to read, easily misinterpreted or inaccurate. Forms created with Insight can contain questions with conditional based rules to drive mandatory behaviour, ensuring that no data is missed out by mistake. Utilising dynamic logic within a template, organisations can ensure that compulsory questions, notes, pictures or corrective actions are generated, and hide and show sections or questions based on the answers of previous fields collected. Businesses can gain increased control of the data they collect, enhancing its accuracy and usefulness.

Generate High Quality Reports

By leveraging a structured method of data collection, businesses can trust that the reports generated will be high quality and therefore more useful to their decision-making processes.

Using reports created from a rich pool of reliable data, managers can gain a more accurate and in-depth view of potential areas for improvement. Software like Mobiess Insight can be used to create simple, clear, and detailed reports, meaning that any weaknesses are easily identifiable. This can facilitate better governance and improve companies’ implementation of standards.

Real-Time Reporting

In the digital age, collection and utilisation of data must be fast as well as reliable. Rather than using paper forms in the field and taking them to the office so that a report can be created manually, companies should be looking to adopt quicker methods of data collection and report creation.

Using Insight, users can efficiently collect data which can be instantly accessible through our web-portal by office personnel in real time. With full offline support we ensure that no data is missed or lost. Accessing reports and dashboards instantaneously allows data analysis to be completed within minutes rather than days, and reports can be shared exported easily, without having to type it up or manually digitise.

Centralise Your Data

Mobiess Insight provides a centralised hub through which companies can access their audits and reports. With data being collected digitally and securely stored, users can benefit from keeping a thorough record of all inspections and audits per project or building. This can facilitate the improvement of their current and future operations.

Empower Your Workforce

Having discussed the many benefits of using data collection software, it is evident that manual methods of data collection are unable to meet the expectations of the digital age. For this reason, it is time for companies who conduct inspections and audits to adopt useful technologies and software like Mobiess Insight.

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