Facilities Management is no different to any other industry; always looking for the latest trends, the forward-thinking methods and technologies, ways in which your office can streamline the work carried out across your portfolio so that on-the-ground teams can communicate efficiently with every level.

Is Your Organisation Data Driven?

We see organisations of every size claiming to be ‘data driven’ – adamant that they have embraced a technology which promised to streamline this process, making the data available to everyone necessary, and using that data to make improvements.
Often we find that a shiny new system has promised all manner of things, has been adjusted clumsily and failed to adapt to the specific needs of the organisation – almost but never quite meeting the actual requirements of the team. Although data is being collected, once it’s inputted to the system that data is mostly ignored, and things continue in the way they’ve always been done.
Data-driven teams don’t just plough forward aimlessly. They assess, collate and compare at every stage, using data to make predictions and streamline energy. Efficiencies are brought in to the working systems, saving time, money, and meaning that fewer staff are needed to complete tasks. Many things can be automated or eradicated altogether.
How can you tell if you truly are a data-driven organisation – or whether you’re stumbling through your systems and not quite getting the best from them?
Read some of these statements, and let us know if any sound familiar…

  • Nobody in our workforce analyses the data.
  • Instinct leads most of our decisions when we plan work.
  • We have an idea of how efficient we are, but no real way to measure it.
  • There are no goals or targets for improving the data we collect

Does that sound like your experience? There is a good chance your office has requested more paperwork or even digital reporting, but the way you work on the ground hasn’t changed in years. If it does, we’ve got bad news: your claims of being ‘a data-driven organisation’ are untrue. You’re not getting any benefit from the many working hours your team have spent inputting information or collecting reports.

  • We input a lot of data and file reports, but nobody really knows what happens with the information.
  • Nobody knows how to process the information collected.
  • Reports are quite organic, with no graphic representation of what the information means.
  • Data is often ignored or directly dismissed as not representative of the ‘real picture’.
  • If some data is missing or reports aren’t filed, nobody notices and there’s no consequence.

This means that your organisation doesn’t have the information you need to future proof yourselves in a rapidly evolving industry.
If you want to keep yourselves ahead of the curve and make the most of your team, we can help. Ensure that everyone is where they ought to be, when they need to be there.
Keep your staff happy, your tenants happier, and embrace a data-driven system which will improve efficiencies and streamline both your data and the work you are achieving.
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