For those working in Facilities management and monitoring the tools and equipment used throughout their business, an Asset Hierarchy is a valuable and efficient way to consolidate all the data you need.
Benefits of Creating an Asset Hierarchy

A structured Asset Hierarchy helps streamline information, stay ahead of the maintenance schedule, and avoid unplanned expenses and breakdowns, as well as maintaining efficient cash flow and efficient work order processing. When we say Asset Hierarchy, we are referring to the system used to list, organise and categorise information on all the assets, machines, equipment and components or spare parts a company has, in one or more locations.
This is usually presented as a top-down structure, which means that your maintenance professionals can see at a glance the relationship between these assets, following a standard ‘parent/child’ logic.
Presenting this information in a way which conveniently connects the assets means that necessary maintenance is carried out in a timely fashion. Issues can be traced, and the parts and components required for repairs or replacement are easily identified.
 Why is an Asset Hierarchy a valuable tool?
We already mentioned that the Asset Hierarchy simplifies maintenance – but it also means that planners, employees and auditing systems can trace assets, their relationship to other assets, the bigger picture of company-wide assets and where they are located.
An accurate and updated Asset Hierarchy is a vital tool to assist with the processing of information when using any maintenance management system – and means that your team can respond to the requirements of your maintenance processes, rather than waiting for faults, damage or failures in any equipment to highlight issues.
With many years of experience in the FM industry, we have created platforms which simplify and automate much of this process and take the hard work out of what might just be the most important process in your organisation.
Mobiess can help you review and improve your existing asset data, giving you a high quality, optimised Asset Hierarchy. Visit our Asset Hierarchy Review page or call us on 0203 411 1795 to speak with one of our technical experts, discuss your requirements, and learn how we can tailor our solutions to meet your needs exactly.