Fire safety law requires all employers, managers, occupiers and owners of any business premises to carry out and maintain a fire risk assessment, identifying and assessing potential risks, hazards and damage which may cause a fire or increase the risk of harm to people – and any structure or products stored within the building – should a fire occur.

Microapps in Facilities Management and the Workplace
Consumers have been using microapps for some time now – WhatsApp, Google Flight Search, Slack and Facebook are all good examples of simple, lightweight microapps.
But perhaps we should start with what exactly microapps are and how important they can be for efficient mobile data collection in Facilities Management.
A microapp is a simple mobile application this delivers a highly focused task – usually with a very small scope, simple to use and generally customised to both the industry and task at hand. In other words, it only has one job and hopefully does it well. Instead of having one multi-purpose app that handles every possible task an employee can do (eg. submit expenses, holiday/absence request, training, and corporate newsletters etc.) separate microapps handle each of those tasks specifically.
Like most industries, Facilities Management has a range of working environments where complex CAFM and FM applications are required, but for the most part microapps can greatly enhance the delivery of FM services.
Now we know what microapps are, how do we find and identify them in the FM world?
Facilities Management is a diverse and complex industry. It has grown over the last 30 years to cover Hard FM, Soft FM, Security, Catering, Cleaning and almost anything that happens inside a building. Microapps have been used in FM for a long time, though perhaps we just don’t recognise the language/terminology that defines them. We can find these microapps called Workplace apps, Workplace templates, e-forms – and at Mobiess we use the term “Published Apps.”
If you have ever used a digital e-forms solution like Mobiess Insight to create data collection templates, then you are using microapps in one of their most effective forms. Mobiess has produced its own range of microapps to help solve and digitise many day-to-day activities across FM and its connected sectors, helping turn data into knowledge and commercial advantage.
Some examples of workplace templates available via the Mobiess microapps/published app range are:

If you have an idea for a micro app that is not listed on our website, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss getting this to market with you.
Call us today to discuss your specific requirements – and let us build you the microapp apps that will revolutionise your working life. Call 0203 411 1795 or email us on [email protected] to find out more.

The latest Published App released by the team at Mobiess means that Vehicle Inspections are simpler than ever before.
Simplify your vehicle inspections
These regular inspections – carried out weekly, or each time a driver begins their shift – can take a lot of time and create a lot of paperwork. Streamline the process with this off-the-shelf e-form which can be integrated to your existing Insight suite, or work as a stand-alone app.
With simple to use formatting, the app allows users to input data directly to the form which is already populated with all the aspects of a vehicle inspection, from bodywork to oil level, tyre condition to wiper blades. Whether you are running one company car or a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, the app lists all of the checks that need to be made, with room for photographic evidence that can be attached to any field if evidence of damage or conditions needs to be recorded.
Protect your team, cover your organisation for insurance and compliance, and ensure the safety of any drivers or vehicle users by streamlining the checks that are vital to your team.
Available as a stand alone app, or integrating with an existing Insight Suite, this digital form means that no information is missed, no data is lost, no paperwork goes missing and the information captured can be shared with all stakeholders in real time, so there is no delay in communication of any issues or concerns, and reports can be accessed and downloaded at the touch of a button.
This is an affordable solution to an increasingly important need, all for just £5 per month.*
Simplify your work – and give your team exactly what they need at the touch of a button or tap of a screen.
Get in touch with our team, and let us show you how simple it can be; call 0203 411 1795 today and ask for the Vehicle Inspection app.
*Per e-form/per user

Maintaining facilities in buildings of any size and condition means keeping records to show that you are maintaining a standard of cleanliness and hygiene that protects people from harm. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has shown more than ever before that cleaning audits are vital to protect those using the space in any working environment.

Our digital Cleaning Audit template is a standalone application which gives your team the ability to maintain records of cleanliness in your facilities, and evidence improvements in any areas where standards need raising.
As part of our library of preconfigured Published Apps, the Cleaning Audit allows you to produce reports which can be shared with stakeholders to evidence your hard work.
Stakeholders are more keen than ever to see assurances that high cleanliness standards are being maintained – and your legal requirement for compliance and auditing means that keeping records of your cleaning schedules and standards is vital.
Our Cleaning Audit app is a simple to use, ready-made solution which lays out the standard cleaning audit that most professionals in facilities management are familiar with – but keeps all the data in one place, sharing records in real time with your team to keep your facilities clean and hygienic, and maintain a high standard of work.
Any issues can be raised immediately with annotated photographic evidence, and this also maintains a record so that you can evidence the work undertaken to improve the issue.
Clearly defined responsibilities and actions can be assigned to specific team members, and reports can be shared with the whole team. Simplify your reporting and record keeping processes, and your work orders.
Available as a standalone app, the Cleaning Audit template from Mobiess can also be added to your existing Insight Suite, further enhancing your data recording process – and all for just £5 per month.*
Simplify your work – and give your team exactly what they need at the touch of a button.
Get in touch with our team, and let us show you how simple it can be; call 0203 411 1795 today and ask for the Cleaning Audit app.
*Per e-form/app per user

Life Cycle Surveys Made Simple

Not all organisations need a full suite of digital solutions for collecting and collating data; sometimes you just need one form to streamline the information you need to collect and share, and find yourself struggling through a market swamped with complex solutions when you just need one easy fix.
That’s why we have created the ‘Published App’ range of products; rather than investing significantly in a full range of services which you just don’t need, simply pick the specific e-forms you need, and see immediate increases in your efficiency.
Easy to use, off-the-shelf apps designed to simplify your processes, the Published App range is available as individual products – priced to suit any budget at just £5 each – and can also be applied as an add-on to your existing Insight Suite.
The first of these services is our ‘internal conditions survey’ – a one-off e-form which captures all the information you need to complete internal conditions surveys, include photographic data which can be annotated to support and evidence the inspection. Ideal for any environment where you need to track condition changes, record any damage and repair data, and create estimated lifecycle costings.
Full digital systems can get expensive – and you may find that you’re scrolling through long lists of forms, data and empty space before you access the information you actually need. When that’s the case, organisations often find that their team just aren’t using the system – because it’s bulky, unhelpful and not user friendly.
Simplify your work – and give your team exactly what they need, all in one place.
One form, one app, one connected, communicative resource where all your data sits together, easy to access and compare, and easy to select specific information for reporting, whether you’re on site or in the office.
Get in touch with our team for a demo, and let us show you how simple it can be; call 0203 411 1795 today and ask for the internal condition survey app.