If you own, manage or occupy any business premises, fire safety law necessitates that you conduct regular fire risk assessments and maintain the integrity of your building, to fulfill the legal requirements of property management.  

Our recently updated, comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment software allows you to immediately identify and assess risks and potential hazards which may cause a fire or increase the risk of harm to people – and any structure or products within the building – should a fire occur.  

However, not all organisations need a fully featured digital solution for collecting and collating data: sometimes you only need one form to streamline the information you collect and share.  

Struggling through a market filled with complex solutions? Try our ‘Published App’ e-forms range. You can choose between any of our pre-configured industry templates, accompanied by newly updated reports, and see immediate increases in efficiency. 

Why invest in a full range of complex services you just don’t need? 

 Our in demand Fire Risk Assessment app is the simple solution to a legally required compliance action. Any facilities management organisation will benefit from this ready-made form, which is straightforward to install, easy to roll out and simple to use. 

The standard methodology for these assessments is uniform across almost all professional environments. Initially set out by The British Standards Institution (BSI) and developed in association with C. S. Todd & Associates Ltd. and supported by the Institution of Fire Engineers and the Northern Ireland Fire Safety Panel, professionals involved in facilities management or building maintenance will be familiar with the process, approve of the simple to use input, and the linked photographic images which evidence any concerns. 

Easy to use app templates, designed to simplify your processes, Published Apps are available as a range of ready-made forms. Priced to suit any budget at just £25+ VAT each month – and available as part of your existing Insight suite. 

Simplify your work – and give your team exactly what they need all in one low-cost standalone app.