Microapps in Facilities Management and the Workplace
Consumers have been using microapps for some time now – WhatsApp, Google Flight Search, Slack and Facebook are all good examples of simple, lightweight microapps.
But perhaps we should start with what exactly microapps are and how important they can be for efficient mobile data collection in Facilities Management.
A microapp is a simple mobile application this delivers a highly focused task – usually with a very small scope, simple to use and generally customised to both the industry and task at hand. In other words, it only has one job and hopefully does it well. Instead of having one multi-purpose app that handles every possible task an employee can do (eg. submit expenses, holiday/absence request, training, and corporate newsletters etc.) separate microapps handle each of those tasks specifically.
Like most industries, Facilities Management has a range of working environments where complex CAFM and FM applications are required, but for the most part microapps can greatly enhance the delivery of FM services.
Now we know what microapps are, how do we find and identify them in the FM world?
Facilities Management is a diverse and complex industry. It has grown over the last 30 years to cover Hard FM, Soft FM, Security, Catering, Cleaning and almost anything that happens inside a building. Microapps have been used in FM for a long time, though perhaps we just don’t recognise the language/terminology that defines them. We can find these microapps called Workplace apps, Workplace templates, e-forms – and at Mobiess we use the term “Published Apps.”
If you have ever used a digital e-forms solution like Mobiess Insight to create data collection templates, then you are using microapps in one of their most effective forms. Mobiess has produced its own range of microapps to help solve and digitise many day-to-day activities across FM and its connected sectors, helping turn data into knowledge and commercial advantage.
Some examples of workplace templates available via the Mobiess microapps/published app range are:

If you have an idea for a micro app that is not listed on our website, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss getting this to market with you.
Call us today to discuss your specific requirements – and let us build you the microapp apps that will revolutionise your working life. Call 0203 411 1795 or email us on [email protected] to find out more.