Mobiess are pleased to announce the latest release of Asset Inspector version 5.6. Whilst our core engine in each of the app stores have been updated to support all the latest security features, we have also added many new features and two new modules to extend the scope and reach of our industry leading Asset Management platform.

A host of new features have been added to the platform including additional Barcode checkers, enhanced attribute validation, new asset attribute fields, more granular control on mandated photographs per asset type/project and rapid asset validation.
The initial asset survey is only the beginning of any asset management process. Maintaining your asset register can be more costly and process-intensive that the initial collection.  To help simplify and streamline the longer-term management of your asset stewardship Mobiess have released two new products as part of the Asset Inspector family.
ATrack: ATrack is a lightweight asset update and auditing tool that allows you to deploy a simple cost-effective asset form that enable your staff and supply chain to update asset data in real-time. Users are able to lookup existing assets via NFC Tags and Barcode/QR Codes, update Conditions and Operating Status or any other important data. Available as either a standalone option or integrated into our Service Master product, ATrack will support any data maintenance program.
Refrigerant Tracker: Extend the benefits of your investment in collecting and assembling your asset register with the addition of the Refrigerant Tracker module. Using the same live link look up technology as ATrack allow your engineers and subcontractors to look up the last Leak Test details, Asset History and report leaks and gas additions and losses. Move away from paper forms and on-site logbooks and look forward to a central reporting function for FGAS and Refrigerant tracking across your business.
With a digital platform that your whole team and supply chain can access, information is shared in real time, asset updates and additions can be completed and distributed as needed, compliance and audits can be stored with photographic evidence and additional supporting information.
No more wasted time, money, or effort – just the information you need, right there at your fingertips.
Call us today to discuss your specific requirements – and let us configure our Asset Management Platform to revolutionise your company’s Asset Stewardship.  Call 0203 411 1795 or email us on [email protected] to find out more.