Maintaining facilities in buildings of any size and condition means keeping records to show that you are maintaining a standard of cleanliness and hygiene that protects people from harm. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has shown more than ever before that cleaning audits are vital to protect those using the space in any working environment.

Our digital Cleaning Audit template is a standalone application which gives your team the ability to maintain records of cleanliness in your facilities, and evidence improvements in any areas where standards need raising.
As part of our library of preconfigured Published Apps, the Cleaning Audit allows you to produce reports which can be shared with stakeholders to evidence your hard work.
Stakeholders are more keen than ever to see assurances that high cleanliness standards are being maintained – and your legal requirement for compliance and auditing means that keeping records of your cleaning schedules and standards is vital.
Our Cleaning Audit app is a simple to use, ready-made solution which lays out the standard cleaning audit that most professionals in facilities management are familiar with – but keeps all the data in one place, sharing records in real time with your team to keep your facilities clean and hygienic, and maintain a high standard of work.
Any issues can be raised immediately with annotated photographic evidence, and this also maintains a record so that you can evidence the work undertaken to improve the issue.
Clearly defined responsibilities and actions can be assigned to specific team members, and reports can be shared with the whole team. Simplify your reporting and record keeping processes, and your work orders.
Available as a standalone app, the Cleaning Audit template from Mobiess can also be added to your existing Insight Suite, further enhancing your data recording process – and all for just £5 per month.*
Simplify your work – and give your team exactly what they need at the touch of a button.
Get in touch with our team, and let us show you how simple it can be; call 0203 411 1795 today and ask for the Cleaning Audit app.
*Per e-form/app per user