There are a few different work order management apps on the market, and what many people don’t realise is that they aren’t limited to the mobile CAFM solution that comes with their back-office systems.

The thing is; a CRM is designed for a specific job; they exist to manage the data about your customer base; to keep an efficient record of the work you’ve completed. Back office software exists to maintain your accounts, or to track shipments, or for stock control. Anything designed for a specific, individual task can do that exceptionally – but that doesn’t mean that it communicates that sufficiently when it is expanded beyond the intended design.
The mobile CAFM solution applications that come with these back-office systems right now are an add-on; they are an additional piece of software outside of their designed functionality – and all too often they just don’t quite deliver what you need them to. They don’t have the agility and configurability which you need to support your team on the go.
Rather than simplifying the data collection and communicating work orders, collating the information on who is where, what’s been completed, audits recorded and scheduling follow ups, tracking shipments and stock control, they try to do all of it within the boundaries of their original functionality; they are aligned with their existing systems – inflexible, slow, clunky and confusing – making it more complicated than it needs to be to share messages within your workforce, and to streamline the process of managing your workload.
Shoehorning existing functionalities into a new format is inefficient and frustrating.
But those software designers are keeping a big secret; you don’t actually have to use their mobile solution. In fact, you aren’t limited to their tools at all; you can benefit far more from a mobile solution that does everything you need it to do – rather than what you’re told it’s limited to.
That’s where we come in; at Mobiess, all we do is design high-end mobile CAFM solution which meet your needs. Which have functionality for sharing information in real time, updating work orders to the minute; which have options for including photographic records and commentary, as well as audit data and compliance records. Which give more, do more and help more than any of the add-on mobile solutions you may have tried to use before.
Facilities management is a changeable and evolving industry – and there’s always more information that you need to incorporate – so our solutions are also future proofed with availability to expand, improve and adapt the functionality you begin with.
You don’t have to stick to mobile software which isn’t meeting your needs. You also won’t need to upgrade or invest in new devices – the smartphones and tablets your team are already using will support our applications, and allow your team to complete their work efficiently, communicate their messages in real time, and share and collect the data you need for your team to perform at their best, and simplify and streamline the processes which have been cumbersome in the past.
Our applications deliver all of this – and communicate in real time with the back-office systems that you have in place now.
Simplify your systems. Free yourself from the constraints of products that don’t go where you need. Let us take you to a better, more efficient future. Call today to find out how we can tailor our mobile solutions to meet your needs; contact us or visit the CAFM system mobile integration  website to request more information .

With facilities management comes a wealth of different projects, systems and maintenance activities, usually meaning you manage a number of different teams and contractors, and each property with its own tenants, who all make demands on your time, your attention and the facilities and budgets at your disposal.
Can your existing CAFM system be improved with an integrated maintenance app?

Our mobile field service app, ServiceMaster, gives you real-time information on the range of routine maintenance and ad-hoc jobs you’re managing, meaning you have a to the minute view of how work is progressing on site and where additional resources may be needed.
Monitor the progress of your projects and streamline your processes by adopting the ServiceMaster system, and benefit from being able to manage routine tasks, ad-hoc work orders, allocation and completion, reduce operating costs, manage your customer expectations with as-it-happens information, and improve the efficiency of your project management.
All of this can be tailored to your specific needs, so you pay only for what you’ll actually use and benefit from, and manage the data for multiple projects, locations and teams in one place. Perfect for both predictive and preventative maintenance, you can schedule workloads, automate workflows, reduce paperwork and focus the direction of your mobile workers to the most vital and timely tasks.
Not only that, but you can maintain the Point of Work Risk Assessments, Hazards Register, compliance and audit information, and improve the timescales for responses to issues as they arise, with less risk of information being missed.
It can be complicated, managing a number of teams and planning works for your workforce when you are also responding to tenants and external contractors, and the delays, mistakes and complexities that come with information sharing from the more traditional methods you may have utilised in the past. When you rely on teams filling in forms, completing paperwork and carrying a clipboard to tick the right boxes, then submitting that paperwork to the office for someone else to input into a computer before that data can be shared or assessed, there are a great many opportunities for information to be missed or mistakes to be made. Even delays in that information being shared and assessed to respond to any additional details or changes need to be factored in to ongoing or routine maintenance work. That paperwork can be lost, damaged or forgotten, it can sit in the cab of a van for a week before the worker has chance to get to the office and submit it, pages can be missed or misplaced, and it takes time for everything to be collated and processed.
Digitising that process removes most of those opportunities for error – and means that information is shared and accessible in real time; this means that repairs or replacements can be arranged right away, working schedules can be adapted, communication between teams and external contractors and agencies can be streamlined, and the efficiencies in your own facilities management processes make your working life easier, more effective and less frustrating.
ServiceMaster does all this, and ensures that all of the data you need is collected.
Scheduling and automating the checks, inspections and audits which are a vital part of facilities management means that your teams know at a glance when these activities are due, and can structure their schedules accordingly, and you can easily adapt and respond to any incidents which require immediate response or action, maintain a record of property conditions and monitor the wear and tear or damage to your properties to track when and if repairs or replacements are needed, and factor these ad-hoc jobs in to your regular maintenance schedule.
Photographic data can be attached to these inspection forms, documenting the condition of your property and leaving no room for doubt about whether something is in poor repair, damaged or misused, and who is responsible or liable for any damages; this not only provides you with security, it also protects your tenants – meaning peace of mind and security for every party.
Call us today to discuss your facilities management portfolio and let us tailor the ServiceMaster app to meet your precise needs; let’s work together and modernise your systems, and streamline your workload: call 0203 411 1795 or contact us now.

As technologies for mobile workforce have developed, the use of mobile CAFM applications designed to bring functionality and processing beyond the confines of office based work has grown.
However, not all mobile CAFM applications are created equal. Many of these applications were designed for a specific industry or specific tasks without the benefits of adaptability to a wider range of functions as an organisation’s mobile workforce needs grow. This means that companies are forced to continue investing in a wider range of apps that don’t necessarily suit their needs.

Demands on mobile IWMS or CAFM systems are becoming ever more complex. Organisations need to be sure that the systems and solutions they invest in will not only meet their current needs but can expand and develop as their requirements grow or change over time.
Know Your Organisation Needs
Many ‘off-the-shelf’ CAFM applications attempt to meet mobile workforce wider ranging needs by offering too many functions from the offset, although most of them are surplus to requirements. Such CAFM apps demand a high level of data to store and access, limiting the accessibility and functionality of mobile devices and not satisfying the needs of the organisation. These are clunky applications which add to the workload of those using them, rather than streamlining and making mobile workforce management easier.
Aligning the functions of mobile workforce software to ensure role-based security is one of the unique ways in which systems can be designed. It allows organisations to deploy CAFM apps and release further functionality as needs grow, without bloating an application with unwanted functions that not every user needs.
Keep It Simple
The right IWMS or CAFM systems suits the wide-ranging needs of your business at every level. Functions are only released as necessary to those who require them as their role develops, while maintaining a streamlined functionality that doesn’t over-complicate.
Tailored Mobile Workforce Management
Mobile workforce management tailored to your specific needs ensures that your organisation manages information and simplifies processes across the board. It allows for customisation and growth without the need to move to new systems as your needs develop, avoiding mistakes, maintaining simplicity and uniform data entry.
Where an off-the-shelf mobile CAFM application can meet some of your needs, they can’t be tailored to suit your niche industry and can’t be expanded or reduced. Tailored systems can be specialised and unique to your industry, with no compromise of functionality.
Tailoring these applications means that the data footprint on your mobile device is smaller. Each user is only accessing the processes they need to complete their work, yet there are still possibilities for expansion from a basic application to a more complex multi-functional solution for everything from auditing, working hours, orders, surveys and more.

Many companies are frustrated with field service management software that is poorly optimised for their mobile workforce and burdened with unnecessary features – they also feel alternatives to their current mobile solution are not available because of the significant expense, delays and implementation issues associated with custom development or replacing entire systems.