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Whether your business operations involve conducting safety inspections to identify potential hazards, inspecting equipment to carry out preventative maintenance, or completing property and residential inspections, checklists are a useful and often essential tool. They provide a clear list for field staff to follow, ensuring that inspections are carried out properly and thoroughly each and every time.

E-forms are electronic versions of any paper form. In the service maintenance industry, these forms are crucial for achieving the compliance records so vital to record keeping and communicating the information with clients.

Facilities management means a lot of information and data that you need to input, manage, share and keep on top of. Accurate data ensures you can keep workflow on schedule and manage teams and vendors. Here at Mobiess we have always held to the belief that data is a first class citizen. What does that […]

Facilities management means managing huge workloads – and collating data from a variety of sources for systems, planning and compliance, as well as the day to day processing required to maintain sites and manage employee workloads and working hours. For many who work in facilities management, this vast and changeable workload relies on the management […]