Introducing Mobiess’ New App Icons and Refreshed Logo

Mobiess are pleased to announce an update to the core Mobiess application branding and the plans for our applications as part of our platform updates and new product release.

Our main application icon has been with us for over 8 years, but it was time to move forward with a logo and brand that aligns with the development of our company. (You have probably noticed the gradual changing of our website and marketing material over the last year).

Did you know where the name “Mobiess” comes from? When our Managing Director Karl Horner and Technical Director Russell Pooley launched our company back in 2010, our primary focus was on mobile application development. As a result, we adopted the strapline “Mobile Essential Computing”. Combined and hyphenated, “Mobiess” (pronounced “Mobi-Ess”) was born!

Old Logo

Release Version

New Logo

mobiess icon 200px

Please remember when you next update the Mobiess mobile application it is likely to look different. If you can’t find it on your device home screen, please search ‘Mobiess’ and hopefully it won’t be too confusing. Same name, different colour!

The leap has not been extensive, but we have modernised our core Mobiess icon and updated our colour schemes inside the app, to a more modern and contemporary feel.

You may have also noticed some new applications starting to pop up in the app stores as we extend the Mobiess product range and as you can see below, we are trying to give each application its own distinct brand that aligns with the product.

Fire Safety

Containing an advanced preconfigured set of data collection templates for Fire Door Inspections, Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Compartmentation Surveys, our Fire Safety App allows you to streamline fire safety reporting with ease.

To learn more about Fire Safety, click here

Google Play Store

iOS Apple Store 

Asset Inspector

See the new look our asset data collection and management application, Asset Inspector, has! To learn more about Asset Inspector, click here

Google Play Store

iOS Apple Store


Next up will be our new snagging application that goes live in both apple and google play stores on the 1st November 2023.

To learn more about our new Snag App, click here.

Report a Default and Assign an Action on Mobiess Snagging App

Mobiess Insight

In early 2024, Mobiess will be releasing a new and improved Mobiess Insight, our audits and inspections product. Keep an eye out for that!

To learn more about Insight, click here.

We’re hopeful that you like our new look and feel and please do not hesitate to contact us of you wish to learn more about any of our product ranges.