Fire Compartmentation Survey blog

Fire Compartmentation Surveys are one of the most effective ways of protecting lives and property from the hazard of fire. Whilst being a vital tool for any facilities management team in order to comply with their legally required inspections, they also maximise the safety of the occupants.

If you are responsible for a building, Fire Compartmentation should play a crucial role in inhibiting the spread of a fire,
saving lives, and preventing extensive damage to the property. Compartmentation Surveys are often overlooked but can be one of the effective methods of keeping a building and its occupants safe.

While a fire risk assessment covers some aspects of the fire compartmentation, a fire compartmentation survey explores everything in more detail. It is a visual inspection of all areas within a property to assess the overall condition of the existing fire compartments and how well a property can help prevent the rapid spread of smoke and fire for the required period of time. The goal is to determine how well escape routes are protected and identify any potential risks and breaches within the property.

Mobiess’ cost-effective, comprehensive Fire Compartmentation Survey is also included as part of our Fire Safety Pack in order to help you identify breaches within your building efficiently. Capture photographic evidence and create remedial actions, ultimately enhancing the safety of all occupants and buildings.

Our affordable, reliable, off the shelf mobile data collection app brings speed and efficiency to your Fire Compartmentation Surveys no matter whether you are maintaining a single unit or managing the facilities of a national organisation with dozens of buildings.

App licences are priced £5 +VAT per month, per device with unlimited access – create as many inspections and take as many photographs as you need with no cap on storage or usage.