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Communicator from Mobiess is a hosted interactive voice response (IVR) system, allowing organisations of any size to access a scalable, hosted Telephony infrastructure.  Collect structured data through our platform using nothing more than a telephone.

Communicator provides the ability to collect real-time information on almost any data subject, enabling your organisation to gain tangible efficiencies through streamlined, automated processes.

Our integration tools allow data to be delivered and integrated directly into your existing business software maximising any existing investments. Information recorded by data capture can then be sent to any databases or email addresses.

For both small and large organisations the biggest advantage of an interactive voice response system is the proven time-saving format, leading to financial savings across the board. Users find their organisation benefits from reduced administration costs as an automated, dedicated phone-line reduces staff costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

Communicator is  a subscription based service with no capital investment enabling rapid deployment and a speedy return.

Key Features

  • Time Sheets: Collect time and attendance data for employees and subcontractors
  • Employee Absence: Self Service administration of absenteeism, allowing your employees to register illness and absence from work
  • Meter Readings: Collect meter readings and other counter based data using site based staff or from customers directly
  • Customer Surveys: Collect and collate compliments and customer feedback


  • Reduce administration costs
  • Improve speed & ease of data collection
  • Improve business intelligence & enable better decision making
  • Streamline & automate mundane & time consuming processes
  • Save time & realise significant financial savings
  • Improve customer service & subcontractor relationships
  • No capital investment – rapid ROI
  • Maximise existing system investments