VINCI Facilities delivers Facilities Management (FM) and Building Solutions (BS) to organisations across a wide range of sectors. As part of the wider global VINCI Group, VINCI Facilities can draw on a wealth of international experience to provide sustainable, tailored solutions beyond the scope of ordinary FM and BS suppliers. They have developed successful partnerships with customers in healthcare, education, local authority, retail and social housing, as well as high-profile public and corporate estates. Their services allow customers to realise cost savings and efficiency gains, minimise their carbon footprint and ensure the continued smooth running of their business. VINCI are ranked as a top service provider in the Sustainable FM Index, the independent benchmarking exercise for sustainability in the FM industry, having achieved the highest scores for management and governance, environmental and social criteria.  With over 2200 employees VINCI Facilities are organised into a network of autonomous, fully-accountable business units. Their geographical proximity to their customers means that they can adapt to local conditions, understand customer expectations and step in quickly when needed.

VINCI Facilities provide integrated solutions designed to extract maximum value from investment in property assets and infrastructure. There strategic asset management service enables customers to get a clear picture of the condition of their facilities and associated risks to plan effectively for the future.

VINCI Facilities asset management deliver services to both internal and external customers who are increasingly demanding faster more accurate asset information to support mobilisations and capital expenditure programs. Existing VINCI processes delivered high quality data but had become very labour intensive to maintain the quality and level of service its customers expected. Projects used traditional methods of spreadsheets, paper and photographic evidence using a smartphone. The data would then need to be consolidated, quality assured and client reports produced.  This was a very time and labour intensive process for skilled VINCI people and was extremely difficult to get consistent, reliable data from suppliers to support our systems;

“We needed a mobile solution that was agile, accurate, flexible yet consistent, that would save time on site and speed up output reporting, whilst maintaining accuracy, quality and supporting our long-term business aims & legacy systems. Keeping VINCI Facilities relevant and at the forefront of our competitive market.”

Matthew Globe MSc BEng – Asset Manager VINCI FM

The Solution

The Mobiess Asset Inspector Platform was chosen in late 2016 to support VINCI Facilities growth and efficiency drive of its Asset Management Services. With over 125,000 assets being processed in the first 2 quarters of use the solution has provided the scalable platform that VINCI Facilities required to support its customers’ demands.

By delivering a Platform that utilises modern technology and true Software as a Service (SAAS) principles VINCI Facilities can scale its services to meet the mobilisation demands of its customer without having to concern themselves with infrastructure and mobile device selection.

The Result

Asset surveys for clients and internal projects can often run to tens of thousands of individual assets and 100’s of thousands of smaller grouped asset items, with data consolidation and reporting taking weeks of office based effort to consolidate and prepare client reports.

The key benefit of the Mobiess Asset Inspector platform has been the huge reduction in time to produce the VINCI branded, client focussed reports. A typical project for 12,000 square metres has seen a reduction of approximately 50% of the time to deliver a project.

The Quality Assurance portal provides efficiency of onsite works by both internal staff and supply chain partners and provides further evidence on data collection patterns to assist the efficiency gains required to maintain competitiveness.

Benefits achieved by VINCI include:

  • Reduced return visits
  • Paperless survey results
  • Quicker time to deliver reports to customers
  • Improved quality of data collected
  • Consistency in data collection and coding
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in asset project delivery times of 50%
  • Improvements in Data Quality and Consistency
  • Improved asset collection rates
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Supporting Quantitative Data for Process Improvements
  • Performance reporting on Survey Resource & Supply Chain Partners
  • Role based Data and Functional Security
  • Multiple pictures per asset, that can be electronically annotated on site
  • Support for Barcodes, QR Codes and NFC Tags (Near Field Communications)
  • The application platform supports all the main mobile platforms allowing VINCI to capitalise and consume the most cost effective devices on the market.

“The Mobiess Platform fully supports the VINCI approach to Asset Stewardship and allows us to deliver a consistent approach to data collection and asset reporting. By operating a true Software As A Service model we are able to scale our delivery to meet the demands of the business and our clients without incurring unnecessary cost”

Duncan Hartley – Head of Asset Management VINCI FM