The mobiess Mobile Platform is built on the Microsoft® .NET ™ Platform to deliver mobile applications to any device across the main mobile operating systems.

The mobiess platform operates across a range of hardware and device operating platforms with support for mixed environment Smart Phones & Tablets, working on iOS, Android, & Windows or any combination of these devices.

  • iOS 10 upwards
  • android 5.1 upwards

Utilising Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 as its core repository along with our innovative Sync Framework, the core engine of our system, provides data synchronization and data replication services between different devices.

Our services are entirely hosted in the “Cloud” and the administration tools we use contain web based applications that are compatible with all major browsers, providing a responsive user interface for use on all common internet devices.

Microsoft .NET ™

The mobiess Mobile Platform is based upon the Windows® .NET ™ Platform. It is an internet-scale cloud computing platform hosted in private secure data centers. The mobiess Mobile Platform reduces the need for up-front technology purchases. It provides an open, standards-based, interoperable environment with support for multiple internet protocols, including HTTP, REST, SOAP, and XML.







Cloud Computing

The Mobiess Mobile Platform is an Internet Cloud Computing Service. What is Cloud computing ? It is the provisioning of applications and services that use the Internet as a method of access, you do not own them and you do not have to do much to scale them to a bigger footprint if you want more of them. Mobiess Mobile Platform is essentially an Internet-based set of applications providing access to a highly scalable pay-per-device set of Mobile Data Services.

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Scalability and resilience with minimal investment
  • Simplify Capacity Planning
  • Simplify Infrastructure Management
  • No Capital Investment – Just Commitment
  • Expand and Contract Capacity with your Business
  • Standards Based Compatibility