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5 Tips for an Effective Asset Hierarchy

What is the best way to create an Asset Hierarchy? If you want to streamline, improve and simplify processes for your workforce, particularly when a mix of teams and projects require access to assets at different times, spread across multiple locations, a well-structured Asset Hierarchy allows you to manage surveys and assign work orders in […]

Benefits of Creating an Asset Hierarchy

For those working in Facilities management and monitoring the tools and equipment used throughout their business, an Asset Hierarchy is a valuable and efficient way to consolidate all the data you need. A structured Asset Hierarchy helps streamline information, stay ahead of the maintenance schedule, and avoid unplanned expenses and breakdowns, as well as maintaining […]

Is Your Organisation Data Driven?

Facilities Management is no different to any other industry; always looking for the latest trends, the forward-thinking methods and technologies, ways in which your office can streamline the work carried out across your portfolio so that on-the-ground teams can communicate efficiently with every level.   We see organisations of every size claiming to be ‘data […]

Track and manage your workforce more efficiently

With workers spread over a number of sites, timesheets to maintain, compliance audits and activities to schedule and tenants to please, facilities management can be a bit of a headache. That’s why we created ServiceMaster. It’s an integrated solution to maintaining your scheduled workload, responding quickly and effectively to unexpected events or damage, and maintaining an […]

5-minute Guide to e-forms

E-forms are electronic versions of any paper form; forms – and the data collected with them – are a vital part of many industries. In the service maintenance industry, these forms are crucial for achieving the compliance records so vital to record keeping and communicating the information with clients. We know that transitioning from these […]